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China-U.S. Trade Law

Insights & commentary on active trade disputes between China and the U.S.

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The United States & China: Twenty-First Century Rivals Or Friends? 美利坚和大中国: 21世纪的对手还是伙伴?

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The following article, The United States & China: Twenty-First Century Rivals Or Friends?, was published in the January 2014 edition of Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide International Trade 2014: 本文刊登于2014年一月出版的Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide International Trade 2014。中文翻译请下移鼠标。 The Obama Administration has referred to Sino-American relations as the most important bilateral international relationship of the twenty-first century.  Obama’s… Continue Reading

Hong Kong Seeks to Strengthen Trade, Investment Ties with U.S. 香港加强对美贸易投资关系

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中文请点击这里 The largest-ever Hong Kong promotion in the United States will be held this summer to showcase Hong Kong’s advantages for American companies looking to tap new business opportunities in Asia, particularly on the Chinese mainland. "Think Asia, Think Hong Kong," will feature two major symposia in New York and Los Angeles on June 11… Continue Reading

U.S., China Clash Over Internet Great Wall 中美决战互联网长城

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        U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced, on October 20th, 2011, that the United States, pursuant to World Trade Organization (“WTO”) rules, is requesting China to provide more information on its Internet restrictions. More than a week passed with Chinese media and the public paying the request little attention.         It is not surprising that… Continue Reading

Is China Manipulating Its Currency For A Trade Advantage? 中国操纵汇率以促进出口吗?

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Editor’s Note:  Amelia Lo, the author of this article, is a Chinese law student in Hong Kong who was a foreign intern at Baker & Hostetler LLP during the summer, 2010. According to United States Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), a strident critic of China’s currency policy, “[the] most important issue in the Chinese-American relationship is currency.”  Schumer and… Continue Reading

History Shows That It Pays Respondents To Participate In Trade Disputes At The U.S. International Trade Commission 历史证明应积极参加美国国际贸易委员会调查

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The US Department of Commerce (“DOC”) initiated 731 antidumping investigations between 1988 and 2008. Three hundred (or 41%) of those investigations did not result in an antidumping order because the International Trade Commission (“ITC”) determined that the imports in question were not the cause of material injury or threat of imminent material injury to a… Continue Reading

The Stakes Are Too High For China Not To Cooperate And Participate In Trade Remedy Disputes, And To Hire The Best Counsel 积极参与贸易案件,重金聘请优秀律师

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China Is A Target China has been the primary target of anti-dumping measures around the world for a very long time. More than 30 countries have initiated roughly 600 antidumping cases against 4000 different types of Chinese products during the last two decades. The United States alone has conducted 122 investigations (excluding withdrawals and terminations),… Continue Reading

Part II: Does The United States Have A Trade Policy, And Can It? 第二章:美国拥有且可以拥有贸易政策吗?中国可以,而且拥有

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中文请点击这里 The Obama Administration has no trade policy and, as institutions have been functioning and trade laws have been interpreted for more than a decade, it can’t. The institutions, laws, and regulations of the United States convey control and formulation of trade policy into private hands. Although the Obama Administration might seek to wrest control… Continue Reading

Does The United States Have A Trade Policy, And Can It? China Can, And Does 美国没有贸易政策,且不可能有; 中国制定了贸易政策,且拥有

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中文请点击这里 The Obama Administration has no trade policy, and cannot have one. China is able to have a trade policy, and has one. China does not believe that the United States has no trade policy, and tailors its policy to react to what it interprets as choices and decisions taken by the U.S. Government. The… Continue Reading

The President’s Visit: A Success For China And Failure For The United States? 奥巴马总统访华:中国的成功、美国的失败?

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中文请点击这里 China’s leaders and commentators think President Barack Obama’s visit in November was an unqualified success. Publicly, the White House sees a qualified success, and privately not even that. It may all depend on what “success” and “failure” mean. The differences have consequences. American analysts generally are less equivocal than American officials. They mostly see… Continue Reading

Media Mentions 2009: Various Trade Issues 媒体引述

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Members of the Baker Hostetler International Trade practice have been quoted in numerous media outlets regarding various Chinese -U.S. trade issues, including: Wall Street Journal: China Firms Defend Tech-Purchase Rules (12/14/09) Law360: Shoe On Other Foot As China Investigates U.S. Autos (12/10/09) Financial Times: China to Investigate U.S. Car Subsidies (10/29/09) International Trade Law360: Q&A with Elliot… Continue Reading

Can The United States And China Really Cooperate To Improve The Balance Of International Trade? 美中合作、平衡全球贸易可能吗?

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中文请点击这里 An old Chinese proverb says, “You can’t expect both ends of a sugar cane to be just as sweet.” Presidents Obama and Hu, however, do not seem to believe the proverb applies to the U.S.-China trade relationship, according to their public statements leading up to November’s APEC meetings in Singapore and the subsequent bilateral… Continue Reading

Media Mentions 2009: Tire Dispute 媒体引述

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Members of the Baker Hostetler International Trade practice have been quoted in numerous media outlets regarding the Chinese tire trade dispute, including:  The Hill: China Tires A Deal For Steelworkers Union (9/16/09) Bloomberg News: Obama Says Chinese Tires Decision Isn’t Provocative (9/14/09) Bloomberg News: U.S. Steel Pushes Obama to Choose Workers Over Trade (9/9/09) Obama Faces Tire Trade… Continue Reading