China-U.S. Trade Law

China-U.S. Trade Law

Insights & commentary on active trade disputes between China and the U.S.

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The United States & China: Twenty-First Century Rivals Or Friends? 美利坚和大中国: 21世纪的对手还是伙伴?

Posted in Strategic & Economic Dialogue, Trade Disputes
The following article, The United States & China: Twenty-First Century Rivals Or Friends?, was published in the January 2014 edition of Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide International Trade 2014: 本文刊登于2014年一月出版的Corporate LiveWire Expert Guide International Trade 2014。中文翻译请下移鼠标。 The Obama Administration has referred to Sino-American relations as the most important bilateral international relationship of the twenty-first century.  Obama’s… Continue Reading

The U.S. Election and China-U.S. Relations 美国大选及美中关系

Posted in CFIUS and Investment, Strategic & Economic Dialogue, Trade Negotiations
          Dr. Elliot J. Feldman last week led discussions on the U.S. presidential election’s impact on China-U.S. relations at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, the Beijing Arbitration Commission, and two other fora in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The video clips he prepared from the presidential debates exposed substantial anti-China rhetoric but also more nuanced… Continue Reading

Should China Sign The GPA? – The US Seems to Be in A Hurry 中国应当签署《政府采购协定》吗? —-美国似乎太急不可待

Posted in Government Procurement, Strategic & Economic Dialogue, WTO
中文请点击这里 Senior U.S. officials revealed privately in the days prior to the first Strategic and Economic Dialogue (“S&ED”) of the Obama Administration, convening in Washington, D.C. on July 27, 2009, that they planned to ask China to subscribe to the Government Procurement Agreement (“GPA”) of the World Trade Organization (“WTO”). They assigned this quest, they… Continue Reading