China-U.S. Trade Law

China-U.S. Trade Law

Insights & commentary on active trade disputes between China and the U.S.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership – Webinar Segment 2《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》讲座第二部分

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中文翻译请点击这里 Elliot J. Feldman conducted a webinar for The Knowledge Group on January 8, 2016 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Set out below is the essential text of Dr. Feldman’s presentation for segment 2 of that webinar.  Dr. Feldman’s presentation for Segment 1 was provided in a previous post on this blog titled The Trans-Pacific Partnership – Webinar Segment… Continue Reading

The Trans-Pacific Partnership – Webinar Segment 1 《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》讲座第一部分

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中文翻译请点击这里 Elliot J. Feldman conducted a webinar for The Knowledge Group on January 8, 2016 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Set out below is the essential text of Dr. Feldman’s presentation for segment 1 of that webinar, slightly modified to recognize that the webinar was in early January.  Dr. Feldman’s presentation for Segment 2 will be provided… Continue Reading

Non-parallel Tracks: The Divergence Of Trade Remedies From Climate Control 不平行的轨道:贸易补偿和控制气候变化分道扬镳

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Editor’s Note: The following article was published in the January 2015 issue of Financier Worldwide Magazine. For its Chinese translation, please click here (中文翻译请点击这里)。 The U.S. is a leading proponent of the Environmental Goods Agreement (“EGA”) whose negotiation has begun under the auspices of the WTO. Fourteen countries, representing 86 percent of global trade in what… Continue Reading


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The following article substantively follows the text of remarks by Dr. Elliot J. Feldman during a May 2, 2014 Webinar sponsored by the Knowledge Congress Live Webinar Series and BakerHostetler. The Origins And Direction Of A Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”)             TPP negotiators have been through more than twenty negotiating rounds since 2010, meeting in ten… Continue Reading

Comments on An Environmental Goods Agreement 评环保产品谈判

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中文翻译请点击这里 INTRODUCTION                  The Office of the United States Trade Representative, in the Federal Register of March 28, 2014 on behalf of the Trade Policy Staff Committee, requested comments and issued notice of a public hearing on negotiations for a World Trade Organization Environmental Goods Agreement as proposed by fourteen WTO members in January 2014. … Continue Reading


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中文翻译请点击这里 Crossing All The “T”s Will Not Dot The “I”s:  Some Of The Politics Of Trade             Which comes first, TPP (the “Trans-Pacific Partnership”) or TPA (“Trade Promotion Authority”)?  Alphabetically, and logically, TPA.  Strategically, TPP.  Politically, neither is likely to come at all. Nor, then, is TTIP the “Trans-Atlantic Trade And Investment Partnership”), which would… Continue Reading

TPP, TTIP, And Congress: The Elephant In The Room 国会与贸易谈判

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中文请下移鼠标 TRADE TALKS The Washington trade policy community is buzzing over the two largest international trade negotiations since the effective collapse of the Doha multilateral trade round. The buzz may be even louder in foreign capitals. The Obama Administration, in mid-July, was still promising to complete the Trans Pacific Partnership (“TPP”) negotiations by year-end, while… Continue Reading

The U.S. Election and China-U.S. Relations 美国大选及美中关系

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          Dr. Elliot J. Feldman last week led discussions on the U.S. presidential election’s impact on China-U.S. relations at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, the Beijing Arbitration Commission, and two other fora in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The video clips he prepared from the presidential debates exposed substantial anti-China rhetoric but also more nuanced… Continue Reading

An Obama Trade Policy Courtesy Of The Tea Party 茶党及奥巴马贸易政策

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中文请点击这里 The Trade Situation: Pending Bilaterals President Barack Obama told his Asian hosts in November that he would like to see the Doha Round of multilateral trade negotiations resume as soon as possible, an extension of the campaign initiated in his first State of the Union Address to double American exports over the next five… Continue Reading