China is on a development path to become the world’s leading importer as well as the leading exporter of manufactured goods. The world’s leading market today is the United States, which also is the world’s leading exporter by value. In the twenty-first century, no trade relationship will be more important than between China and the United States.

China, despite its rapid development, remains a developing country that has embraced the international trade rules and disciplines of developed countries. There is inevitable friction and misunderstanding between developed and developing countries, especially over trade.

This blog is dedicated to exposure and critical discussion of the friction, the instances where China and the United States turn to the rule of law to settle their differences, and where they express their more philosophical and policy concerns on trade. It is also intended to be a forum to address misunderstandings. At this site, manufacturers, exporters, officials, and other interested persons will be able to find insightful commentary on this particular trade relationship, and on international trade more generally.