Members of the Baker Hostetler International Trade practice have been quoted in numerous media outlets regarding various Chinese -U.S. trade issues, including:

Wall Street Journal: China Firms Defend Tech-Purchase Rules (12/14/09)

Law360: Shoe On Other Foot As China Investigates U.S. Autos (12/10/09)

Financial Times: China to Investigate U.S. Car Subsidies (10/29/09)

International Trade Law360: Q&A with Elliot Feldman (10/6/09)

International Trade Law360: Mistakes To Avoid In Duties Cases (10/5/09)

China Daily – U.S. Edition: Trade Imbalance Teeters Amid Quarrels (9/28/09)

Bloomberg TV: The U.S.-China Relationship (9/24/09)

Financial Times: China Appeals on WTO Films Ruling (9/23/09)

Financial Times: US Car Aid Plan Irks Trading Partners (8/4/09)

BusinessWeek: The U.S. and China Put Their First String in Washington Summit (7/27/09)

Reuters: U.S. Lawmaker Blasts China Food Safety (3/18/09)

Whether "Buy American" Could Become "Bye America": Trade Protection in the Stimulus Package (2/5/09)

Bloomberg TV’s "On the Economy": China Currency Controversy (1/23/09)