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China-U.S. Trade Law

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership – Webinar Segment 2《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》讲座第二部分

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中文翻译请点击这里 Elliot J. Feldman conducted a webinar for The Knowledge Group on January 8, 2016 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Set out below is the essential text of Dr. Feldman’s presentation for segment 2 of that webinar.  Dr. Feldman’s presentation for Segment 1 was provided in a previous post on this blog titled The Trans-Pacific Partnership – Webinar Segment… Continue Reading

The Trans-Pacific Partnership – Webinar Segment 1 《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》讲座第一部分

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中文翻译请点击这里 Elliot J. Feldman conducted a webinar for The Knowledge Group on January 8, 2016 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  Set out below is the essential text of Dr. Feldman’s presentation for segment 1 of that webinar, slightly modified to recognize that the webinar was in early January.  Dr. Feldman’s presentation for Segment 2 will be provided… Continue Reading

Feldman Lecture on U.S. Elections and China-U.S. Relations 费德门就美国大选、美中关系发表演讲

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After the November elections, Elliot Feldman lectured on their implications for China-U.S. relations at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. The link to the lecture is here. It features video of the remarks by candidates Obama and Romney on China during the presidential debates. 总统大选结束后,费德门博士在芝加哥大学北京中心发表演讲,分析大选如何影响中美关系发展。他的讲座深入浅出、赢得听众阵阵掌声,他为讲座精心准备的短片也异常精彩。… Continue Reading

So What’s The Big Idea? 什么好办法?

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中文翻译请点击这里 The discovery and development of economically efficient means to extract shale oil and gas, “fracking,” is undermining efforts to reduce the use of hydrocarbons because alternative energy production, especially through solar cells and wind turbines, is more expensive than natural gas for producing electricity, particularly in North America. Many governments, demonstrating a priority for… Continue Reading

The U.S. Election and China-U.S. Relations 美国大选及美中关系

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          Dr. Elliot J. Feldman last week led discussions on the U.S. presidential election’s impact on China-U.S. relations at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, the Beijing Arbitration Commission, and two other fora in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The video clips he prepared from the presidential debates exposed substantial anti-China rhetoric but also more nuanced… Continue Reading

Try To See It My Way 换位思考

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中文请点击这里 Presidential races in the United States are always characterized by the classic principle connecting domestic to foreign affairs: conjure a foreign foe against whom disparate domestic interests can coalesce. For a very long time, the Cold War provided the Soviet Union. Political campaign disagreement was never about how best to get along. Instead, it… Continue Reading

Times Change 风水轮流转

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A year ago, American sentiment toward China, at least as expressed by many Members of Congress, was decidedly negative. Pending legislation included denunciations of China’s subsidization of exports and currency manipulation. Some Members of Congress wanted to restrict all Chinese imports. The slow American economic recovery was blamed to a significant degree on China. Now,… Continue Reading

Part II: Does The United States Have A Trade Policy, And Can It? 第二章:美国拥有且可以拥有贸易政策吗?中国可以,而且拥有

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中文请点击这里 The Obama Administration has no trade policy and, as institutions have been functioning and trade laws have been interpreted for more than a decade, it can’t. The institutions, laws, and regulations of the United States convey control and formulation of trade policy into private hands. Although the Obama Administration might seek to wrest control… Continue Reading

Reform of U.S. Export Controls May Be Coming 美国出口控制改革即将来临

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中文请点击这里 Whenever the United States complains about its trade imbalance with China, China responds that it would buy more goods and services from the United States were it not for U.S. export controls that either prevent or restrict those purchases.  Export controls serve important national security and foreign policy goals and the United States will not be… Continue Reading

The President’s Visit: A Success For China And Failure For The United States? 奥巴马总统访华:中国的成功、美国的失败?

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中文请点击这里 China’s leaders and commentators think President Barack Obama’s visit in November was an unqualified success. Publicly, the White House sees a qualified success, and privately not even that. It may all depend on what “success” and “failure” mean. The differences have consequences. American analysts generally are less equivocal than American officials. They mostly see… Continue Reading

Trade War? 贸易战?

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President Obama, on September 11, announced that the United States would restrict imports of Chinese commercial, low-cost tires.  This action was foreseeable and foreseen (for example this blog foresaw this action in articles titled Attack On China Rolls On New Tires and  Consultations To Settle The Tires Dispute: Too Little Too Late?).  President Obama committed to additional tariffs of 35-30-25… Continue Reading