China-U.S. Trade Law

China-U.S. Trade Law

Insights & commentary on active trade disputes between China and the U.S.

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China Challenges US Continuation Of Practice Inflating Dumping Margins Through Zeroing Almost A Decade After The WTO Struck That Practice Down 中国挑战美国归零法,确为步WTO后尘

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China requested a WTO panel on October 13, 2011 challenging the U.S. practice of zeroing in the 2004 antidumping investigation involving warm water shrimp and the 2006 antidumping investigation of diamond saw blades. This challenge to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s (“Commerce”) practice of zeroing to inflate dumping margins is the 10th such challenge since… Continue Reading

How The United States Treats Its Friends In Trade Disputes 在贸易纠纷中美国如何善待友人

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中文请点击这里 U.S. trading partners can learn a lot from the way the United States treats the countries it actively calls its friends in trade disputes and when interpreting trade agreements.  Canada is unmistakably the United States’ best friend.  Despite this close friendship, the United States has not treated Canada kindly in trade disputes.  The softwood… Continue Reading