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China-U.S. Trade Law

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U.S. Appellate Court Rules That Commerce May Not Apply The Countervailing Duty Law To Non-Market Economies 美上诉庭裁定反补贴法不适用于非市场经济

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This blog reported on August 30, 2009 that Chief Judge Jane Restani of the U.S. Court of International Trade (“CIT”) ordered the U.S. Department of Commerce (“Commerce”) to revoke the countervailing duty (“CVD”) order on pneumatic off-the-road tires from the People’s Republic of China in a case titled GPX International Tire Corporation v. United States.  Her… Continue Reading

Unless It’s All Politics, China And The United States Should Tone It Down 若非空谈政治,美中都应放缓语调

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The World Trade Organization’s Appellate Body issued a report on March 11, 2011 in which the People’s Republic of China broke a skein of legal losses by recovering some of the ground taken by a WTO panel last autumn. The Chinese Government loudly celebrated a major victory, while U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk denounced a… Continue Reading

The Stakes Are Too High For China Not To Cooperate And Participate In Trade Remedy Disputes, And To Hire The Best Counsel 积极参与贸易案件,重金聘请优秀律师

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China Is A Target China has been the primary target of anti-dumping measures around the world for a very long time. More than 30 countries have initiated roughly 600 antidumping cases against 4000 different types of Chinese products during the last two decades. The United States alone has conducted 122 investigations (excluding withdrawals and terminations),… Continue Reading

Financial Times: China and the US Must Stop Throwing Stones 《金融时报》评论:中美必须停止互相攻击

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        Washington, D.C., partner Elliot Feldman, leader of Baker Hostetler’s international trade practice and an author of the firm’s China-U.S. Trade Law blog, authored a column, "China and the US Must Stop Throwing Stones," which was published in the "Opinion" section of the March 30, 2010, edition of the The Financial Times (中文全文请点击这里).         According to… Continue Reading


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中文请点击这里 One of the most troubling features of the growing tensions between China and the United States is that both countries legitimately have a lot to complain about, and typically they are the same things. Three issues are particularly conspicuous at present and at the core of difficulties in the trade relationship – the definitions… Continue Reading

Calling All Cars 拦截所有车辆

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中文请点击这里 The Scope Of The Challenge China’s Ministry of Commerce (“MOFCOM”) initiated officially on November 6, 2009 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations into saloon and cross-country cars imported from the United States and manufactured by General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford Motor companies. Although the scope of the products at issue is described (chassis, engine, etc.)… Continue Reading

Trade War? Part II: China Initiates Third CVD Investigation Against U.S. Products 贸易战?(二):中国针对第三项美国产品展开反补贴调查

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中文请点击这里 The Chinese Ministry of Commerce (“MOFCOM”) announced on November 6, 2009 that it had launched anti-dumping (“AD”) and countervailing (“CVD”) investigations against sedans and sport utility vehicles of cylinder capacity ≥ 2000cc originating from the United States. We are providing on this blog an English translation of the CVD notice. This announcement represents the… Continue Reading

U.S. Court Decision Ought To Change Chinese Thinking (Revised and Expanded) 美国法庭裁决应将改变中国思维

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中文请点击这里 This article is co-authored by Elliot J. Feldman and John J. Burke.  Until now, China has preferred the WTO to resolve trade disputes. Of a dozen countervailing duty cases brought against Chinese products, all but one (the coated free sheet paper case failed at the International Trade Commission) went adversely before U.S. agencies and… Continue Reading

Commerce Vacancies Leave Trade Policy Decisions Without Political Oversight 美商务部高管空缺 贸易政策缺乏决策层监管

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中文请点击这里 Despite what people might think, and notwithstanding an election eight months ago that turned out the Republican Party from both Congress and the White House, the Bush Administration still effectively is governing U.S. trade policy toward China, at least with respect to countervailing duty and antidumping cases. The key offices that make policy decisions… Continue Reading